Angel Pedra, LMT

    Angel went to Seacoast Career School in Manchester NH and graduated with 900+hrs of training. Her extensive training included Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and reflexology massage techniques. She is extremely innovative and intuitive with her
approach to massage. She is constantly exploring new ways to alleviate her clients' areas of concern. Her clients are often stunned by how hard she works 
and how effective she is.


    Angel has an extensive history of caring for people in all walks of life including individuals with special needs, physical impairments, and the elderly including individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s. She was lead support staff at a resident facility for children who face challenges where she took it upon herself to learn sign language to communicate with nonverbal patients. Caring for others is second nature to her and she truly lives up to her name.


    Outside of work Angel is very family focused and dedicated to her self care.

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Exquisite Care

What a uniquely wonderful experience I had! I was graciously welcomed into the peaceful, pristine and healing space of Anam Cara. Angel was incredible. This was the best massage that I have ever had. Angel was thorough, respectful and very knowledgeable about her craft. I am so thankful. My journey and the work of doing Self-Love and Self-Care, living moment to moment, was affirmed by this awe-inspiring massage. Thank you so much, Angel! Stay safe and well!

Apr 25, 2021

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