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Casey Thompson

LMT, Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Master, Intuitive Medium

Casey Thompson is a dedicated and compassionate massage therapist and the proud owner of Anam Cara Wellness Center. Her journey as an entrepreneur is driven by a commitment to creating a sanctuary where individuals can find relief, acceptance, and holistic care. With nearly two decades of experience in the field, Casey has honed her skills to not only relieve physical tension but also to address the deeper emotional and spiritual needs of her clients. Her approach is rooted in the belief that true wellness encompasses the whole body, mind, and spirit connection.


Casey is a Reiki Master and an intuitive medium, utilizing her deep sense of intuition to guide her healing practices. Her intuitive gifts and abilities have been carefully cultivated through various mentorships, enhancing her ability to connect on a profound level with those she serves.

As a holistic life coach, she specializes in helping individuals process emotions through the body, facilitating embodied emotional release for lasting relief. Her empathetic nature and keen insight make her exceptional at holding space for people, allowing them to explore and express their true feelings.


At Anam Cara Wellness Center, Casey combines her extensive experience in massage therapy with her holistic and intuitive skills to create a nurturing environment for healing. She is deeply committed to making her clients feel safe, accepted, and supported on their journey to wellness.

To book with Casey, please email or text/call (603) 630-1072.


I am in heaven

    Casey is an amazing massage therapist. She makes you feel comfortable. Casey is sensitive to what you say about aches and pains... BUT her fingers do the walking. She can feel the tenseness or the tightness. She seems to know exactly how much pressure is needed in all the different areas. She is sensitive in mind and body. I have had replacement of knee, hip and shoulder so I am quite aware of quality massages. She is the best around!

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