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Our Response to COVID-19

    In an industry that is hands on we understand the extreme importance of safely administering your care. We are closely following ALL guidance of the CDC, OSHA, AMTA and the state of Massachusetts' guidelines. With everything changing on a daily basis we will be diligent to update as needed. On top of all the sanitary measures being taken we'd like to educate you all on the extra steps being taken by our staff.
  1. Each room is now equipped with medical grade HEPA air filters.
  2. We have purchased waterproof, medical grade table covers to be washed after every client.
  3. We have purchased all new flannel top sheets to replace our quilts so they can be washed after every client.
  4. Therapists will be completely sanitizing all parts of the rooms that come into contact with clients after every session.
  5. The waiting area is closed for now so we are requiring clients wait outside the building until your therapist notifies you via call or text that they are ready.
  6. We are also asking all clients who enter to wash their hands immediately as we believe this is an important practice!
    We understand that some of this might feel odd at first, but we are so fortunate for our amazing community and we appreciate everyone's understanding. We hope that someday soon these precautionary measures will no longer be necessary.
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