Lauren E Danis, Reiki Master

    In the middle of a very successful corporate career spanning more than 25 years, I suddenly found myself being serendipitously guided in an entirely new and unexpected direction.  'Inner work, ancestral healing and soul-level growth' became my new vernacular and focus, replacing 'acquisitions & mergers, risk-mitigation and project management'. 


    My new journey upended pretty much everything I believed (was taught) to be true about myself, relationships and work.  It included divorce, unemployment, solo-World traveling, heart-chakra awakenings, as well as karmic, past-lives and soul-contract healing. I was led away from people, places, habits and beliefs that no longer aligned with where I was heading and was presented with opportunities to slow down, to allow, to receive, to live my authentic life and to fulfill my soul's purpose.


Through many healing cycles, I looked deeply into energies of abandonment, judgement, fear, control, narcissism, empathy, love, gratitude and forgiveness. I sought out teachers, guides, mentors and healers across many different healing techniques. 


I developed my intuition and inner knowing.  I learned the art of discernment. And then, I began to allow myself to trust the voice of my heart as my beacon.


    My personal healing work gradually transformed into self-practice and eventually to education and certifications in various modalities.  Therapies that were used in my personal healing sessions morphed into tools I used in my self-healing exploration and are now part of my toolkit in my work with others.


    My heartfelt passion is to empower my clients with holistic healing and soul path guidance. My intuitive energy healing practice is guided and supported by my connection to a higher consciousness and manifests through channeling of divine truth. Mind, body and spirit are each embodied in my therapy sessions. I incorporate essential oils, color therapy, crystals and sprays, Akashic Records, astrology, chakras, tarot & oracle cards, numerology, sacred geometry and channeling into my Reiki work, as appropriate.

    My intention with clients is to allow for healing and heart-centered connection to self.   Guided by each client's objective(s), sessions can range from simple relaxation and stress relief, to alleviating physical ailments, to deeper emotional / spiritual healing and guidance.


    I am passionate about helping people discover, develop and express the voice of their heart through my intuitive energy healing and guidance practice.


Increase your vibrations with Reiki with Lauren Danis!

I did a 30 minute Reiki session with Lauren and WOW I am still feeling the effects. Lauren is kind, patient and compassionate, and I could feel throughout the session just how much she cared for my well-being and about ensuring I had a positive experience. Lauren is so knowledgeable and skilled at channeling the energy of the universe. THANK YOU Lauren!

February 23, 2022

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