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Reiki & Intuitive Healing

    Intuitive Healing is a broad term that encompasses many different wellness practices including but not limited to Reiki, sound healing, crystal therapy, chakra balancing and intuitive readings. These practices work with an individual's own subtle energy to facilitate their wellness journey.


    Practitioners at Anam Cara Wellness Center have wide and varied educations in energy healing. They are highly knowledgeable and experienced in multiple energy healing methods, drawing from a myriad of tools during each session.


Crystals are a gentle and natural complement to Reiki. Their unique energetic qualities offer another layer of support in your journey towards deeper self-love, self-acceptance, and intuitive healing. Discover how the use of crystals in conjunction with Reiki can be a powerful and holistic therapy to help you improve your life! 

The initial crystal Reiki session will include client intake, brief explanation of crystals, Reiki receiving and sharing of messages/outtake/oracle cards.  Each session is unique and specific to the client.

A set of crystals has been carefully selected to enhance each of your chakras (or energy centers) and will be placed on or next to your body during your Reiki session. At the end of the session these crystals will be yours to take home and enjoy. Repeat crystal Reiki clients should bring their crystals to their next Reiki session!

Disclaimer: Energy healing, crystal healing and Reiki are considered alternative approaches and do not replace the need for traditional medical care through your doctor or licensed professional. You should not stop, add or change any medication or traditional treatment without the advice, consent or direction of your doctor. It Is advised that you should seek the care of a licensed professional for any physical, mental or emotional concerns. 

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